Our approach to any campaign is one of high end, brand building visuals, with a strong Call to Action.  Make the audience WANT to learn more about your product(s). Make the messaging so appealing it DEMANDS attention.  Strong messaging along with the right marketing components strategically managed, to ensure maximum results.


The beauty of SCF Direct Marketing is we can achieve both, engaging campaigns, and that most important REACTION from the audience. Our reputation for creating marketing campaigns into household brands, is why companies look to us first. 


Creating a brand is a collaborative process and we take the approach of letting people do what they are good at and utilize their expertise along the way.  Our team is built of unique individuals that have an attention to detail that is infectious. From concept to completion, our clients appreciate the level of organization and detail everyone at SCF Marketing puts into every client and campaign.

Why we choose a DTC approach.

Studies have shown there is a clear shift in consumers trends to spending. They are trusting traditional advertising less, and putting more importance on information from other consumers, friends, and online reviews. Brands are being forced to adapt to modern consumer’s buying habits. A successful DTC campaign is one that is engaging, transparent, and creates a sense of community for the consumer.  Customers want to get behind a brand and not just a product.


How a Good marketing agency empowers engagement:


1.  Involve current customers in product development and testing.  This let’s customers feel like your brand is listening and is encouraging their input.

2.  Involve customers in your marketing efforts. Encourage them to create slogans or suggest new products.

3.  Set up a platform for your customers to voice their opinions about product changes or additions they might have. Create an online community using your customers.

4.  Survey your elite customers in your marketing efforts.  Before sending it out to the masses hoping it works, use your dedicated brand followers as an online focus group.

5.  Create fun contests for your loyal brand followers by offering them direct only, exclusive offers only they can receive.


For example; The customer that posts the best review in the next 24 hours will get $100 in free product and will be featured in this months most unbelievable, age defying results from Fawn Beauty across the company's digital platforms.


This DTC approach to marketing your products and your brand creates a community and will band together your very own brand ambassadors. It’s like having a free sales force at your disposal.